Summer 2019

Now You know what we did last summer :



17 februari - Lokaal 42 - Helmond - 17.00h
1 mei - Museumtuin Gasthuis - Aarschot - 18.30h
30 mei - Waterputfestival - Bobbejaan Schoepenplein - Lichtaart (Kasterlee) - 21.40h
6 juli - Na Fir Bolg - Vorselaar - 01.30h
16 juli - Les Halles Musicales - Ieper - 20.45h
27 juli - Kerkstraat Plage - Antwerpen - 21.45h
8 augustus - Boterhammen in het park - Zoersel - 12.00h
21 augustus - Camping Louisa - Hoboken - 20.15h
23 augustus - Bal Populaire - Gierle - 22.30h
9 november - Burkina Rock - cc Kruierie - Balen - 22.00h

Party Time !

New clip out - by Os Mie


About Moodcollector

Party, fiesta, party time! MoodCollector doesn't go for less. Although Kempen-sandy-soil breed, they offer ska, reggae and other exciting dance music from the top shelf. A tropical blend that will guarantee to treat for everyone. The self made songs bring sunshine and summer, even the most gloomy winter day. The vocal lines are catchy, the grooves irresistible and the horns greasy. Listen to the music and feel the vibe of MoodCollector. Already, MoodCollector has a strong tradition of lavish parties and concerts. With five ex-Dill Brothers, plus a guitar player, they have learned their craft through countless Flemish festival venues, festival tents and concert halls. A MoodCollector evening also invariably ends with dancing muscles worked loose, sweaty bodies and over enthusiastic revelers. Nobody goes home without "a good mood". Put on your dancing shoes and skank along. Bet you would melt too for so much tropical inspired celebration?
vocals/synths - Kris De Wilde
guitar - Pieter Mercelis
bass - Paul Mattheus
drums - Luc Quets
trumpet - Willem Eykens
trombone - Maarten Corneillie
altosax - Stef Adriaensen